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The JADE Workshops cuts across barriers of Religion, Gender, inhibitions and IQ levels. JADE workshops have been designed keeping in mind all categories of people. One of the strengths of JADE is the way in which the Workshops are implemented. A Participant never gets bored when the sessions are in progress.

Multi-dimensional activities make the sessions lively and interactive. JADE Experts have adopted various methods to derive hidden treasures in the participants. This is done without putting pressure. There are voluntary explosions. JADE workshops are a blend of ‘ancient wisdom’ and ‘modern techniques’ making the sessions unique leaving a participant spellbound.


A Japanese proverb reads as follows ‘I hear and forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.’ ‘Learning by doing’ is the approach used. Care is taken to ensure that every participant takes part in all the activities and is required to come on stage at least 5 to 10 times during the sessions.

Ideally to facilitate personal attention, the number of Participants is restricted to 35 in a residential and 40 in a day workshop so that there is a high level of interaction. We aim to facilitate learning rather than execute lectures. We have found this to be the most successful way to make JADE Workshops relevant and interesting.


The retention levels of participants is vital for any outcome. Mere lectures will not bring about a change. Certain activities that constitute the workshop have been prepared keeping in mind the interest of the participants. All the participants will be eager to get into another activity that makes everyone look forward not only to participate but has better retention levels.


In order to ensure professional competence, we restrict the number of participants so that we conduct a Workshop and not a Seminar as we simply go by our methodology ‘learning by doing.’ When groups are less in number, better results can be derived. A huge group can only be given a seminar which will not be useful in any way. The retention levels be lower and nil at times, but when we conduct a Workshop each participant will get an opportunity to open up.

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