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The JADE faculty forms a network of professionals in the Behavioral Sciences, Education, Management, Psychology, Philosophy, Self-improvement and Spirituality.

Dr. Emmanuel Anthony Das heads JADE, and is a powerful Trainer and is a expert in Communication skills, specialist in group dynamics and master in behavioral Sciences. He has designed and conducted several Workshops and counseled people from different walks of life. He is a powerful Speaker and an excellent Motivator and a creative thinker. His words speak with authority and has purpose and meaning. He heads JADE in the Asia Region.

He is assisted by a group of Trainers who play a major role in facilitating sessions. JADE also heads a Fraternity of about 50 Trainers all over India who have vast experience in their own fields. Trainers who are a part of this fraternity cover a plethora of subjects in the field of self-improvement. There are 7 experienced trainers who form the JADE team. The Centre also engages the services of other Professional and competent Resource Persons to facilitate Sessions.


  1. Certified Trainer in Personality Development by Tap Foundation International.

  2. Author of 9 Self Improvement books.

  3. Produced Motivational CD’s.

  4. Produced Several Self Improvement Cards, Posters, Sankalps.

  5. Writer for the Deccan Herald / Times of India, etc.

  6. Created & Conducting 25 modules for people from all walks of life.

  7. Innovated several Management Games & Techniques.

His passion for training people and transforming lives has spurred him to launch JADE which provides life-changing and result oriented workshops on life skills, soft skills and other related skills that are required for a person to excel and succeed in his field.

He is a past pupil of Don Bosco, was best boy of the year 1984 at School, an alumnus of LIBA – Chennai and is the winner of the Rotary Lifetime achievement award 2009. He has many feathers in his already decorated cap. He has completed his Doctorate from New Jerusalem University, Chennai.


Our Philosophy is ‘teaching a person to catch fish.’ We do not believe in pampering a person or giving him/her ready-to-eat type of stuff where they will not know how to manage themselves when we are not there to give them support. We will gear up people so that they will learn how to stand on their own feet later in life.


  • Modules are created at the JADE Research Lab.

  • Workshops held at scenic Locations (no hit-and-run philosophy).

  • Faculty Members from Diverse background – rich in Experience.

  • Follow-up Sessions & Counseling offered.

  • Workshops based on ‘Learning by Doing’ Methodology.

  • All Workshops are Activity Oriented.

  • Affordable Fees.

  • Workshops for People from all walks of life.

  • Works with Restricted Groups for better results.

  • Only Training Organisation to stress and work on an On-going process basis.

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